Viet Huong Group Viet Huong Industrial Park

Development History

Viet Huong is an enterprise with more than 30 years of experience in doing business. Due to the right strategic investment direction with government 1989 “open door” policy, Viet Huong has continuously and stably developed through time to time. Viet Huong mostly invests in industrial park, real estate, construction, department stores and hotels and international trade in food, agricultural and other products.

Serving our customers to the greatest satisfaction
with maximum integrity


International enterprises have recognized Viet Huong as a reliable partner to cooperate with while they are in Vietnam. Come to Viet Huong, investors can get all services they want. Viet Huong is also a trustworthy partner for you to get instructions, service supervision and profession in term of setting up manufacturing faculty in Vietnam.


“Customer’s satisfaction is all we care about”

We improve our service every day to get customer’s satisfaction. You can get whatever you want at Viet Huong to lead you to success, we will do it for you as long as it is in our control. It is our honor to become a part of your success.

Development Goal

“Provide all necessaries & convenience for investors’ development & success.”

Have a comprehensive expand and development at Viet Huong 2 to bring it become world-class industrial park where clients can get all they need from A to Z and completely satisfy with products’ quality as well as our services.