Corporate Social Responsibility

Viet Huong Group recognizes the significance of corporate social responsibility. As a result, all of our decisions over the years have been based on social responsibility. We are constantly striving to become a prominent figure in the picture of corporate social responsibility in Vietnam.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Viet Huong Group recognizes the significance of corporate social responsibility. As a result, all of our decisions over the years have been based on social responsibility. We are constantly striving to become a prominent figure in the picture of corporate social responsibility in Vietnam.



We have always believed that people are the lifeblood of every business, determining its success or failure. As a result, we establish a culture built on diversity and respect for employees and their significant contributions to Viet Huong's growth and success.


The relationship between Viet Huong and its employees is entirely voluntary. We are committed to protecting all of our employees' rights in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code. We have a transparent and fair compensation policy that ensures each employee receives a good wage commensurate with their efforts and devotion.

Furthermore, one of the aspects that we value is the necessity to work in safe conditions and to protect our employees' health. We've been conducting yearly occupational safety checks across the Industrial Park to keep the incidence rate as low as possible.

We always have dorms accessible for employees and offer thorough health care programs for them on a regular basis.


Viet Huong strives to give all Group members with a civilized and cultural working environment. With approximately 300 employees of diverse ages, fields, majors, and working situations (offices, factories,...), we consistently encourage everyone to treat each other with respect, and equality, and without regard for gender, region, or religion.


We recognize the importance of employee development in the process of building a productive and positive working environment. As a result, Viet Huong always allocates a portion of its budget to yearly employee training activities via internal and external training programs. We aspire to provide the best opportunities and environments for our employees to learn more, develop professionally, and contribute to the growth of the company and the community.





We appreciate, care for, listen to, and comprehend each of our partners and customers. We always establish and maintain sustainable, respectable, and effective relationships in the process of manufacturing and commercial collaboration with the spirit of respecting ownership. Above all, we maintain a sense of justice and integrity in our interactions with our partners, customers, contractors, suppliers, and rivals. We are committed to always complying with competition laws and competing fairly.





Parallel to maintaining business efficiency and sustainable development, we always strive to provide tangible contributions to the area and community so that the spirit of "Give away means remain always" is constantly present in every step of Viet Huong's development path.


Viet Huong Group believes that our growth is constantly linked to the economic development of the surrounding area. As a result, we constantly attempt to stimulate local economic growth by investing in facilities, contributing to the creation of local infrastructure, creating employment, and providing worker training.


Viet Huong Group is constantly engaged in community support activities as it continues to promote the Vietnamese tradition of "fresh leaves chopped beef leaves torn." We constantly spread out the positive message to our customers and employees that "Give away means remain always" and we actively donate to organizations to share the love with disadvantaged people through charity projects.





We understand our responsibility to avoid negative environmental consequences by adhering to the principle that "the environment of the Industrial Park is the living environment of employees and nearby communities." We have devised sustainable development plans and are working every day to put them into action in order to demonstrate that we not only deliver economic advantages, but also act to build a green, clean, and attractive Industrial Park.


Viet Huong Group has focused on optimizing energy sources by strengthening managerial capability, thoroughly checking operations, and developing and expanding the use of solar energy in production and commercial activities in Viet Huong 1 and Viet Huong 2 Industrial Parks.


We are devoted to using water in the most affordable and effective way possible, due to the importance of water for human existence and the depletion and contamination of groundwater. We constantly prioritize the operation of wastewater treatment facilities (with up to 60 billion VND in investment, fulfilling ISO 9001 & 14001 standards) with stringent control methods, guaranteeing that the water satisfies the criteria before it is returned to the environment.


Since our beginning, Viet Huong has paid special attention to waste issues and has always strived to deal with this problem as closely as possible throughout our business.

We regularly monitor and closely supervise the daily garbage collection, classification, and recycling processes in order to maintain the industrial park attractive. With our unwavering efforts, throwaway plastic (straws, bottles, plastic cups...) has been steadily replaced by alternative materials such as glass, stainless steel, and wood... in the manufacturing process.


Viet Huong has long believed that the industrial park environment is the living environment of its own employees and surrounding residential areas and that the more industrial growth there is, the more "green lungs" are required. Trees are an investment in long-term development. We continually prioritize the establishment of green spaces in the industrial park, striving to maintain a green coverage rate of more than 10% by prioritizing plants that absorb harmful gases and heavy metals, as well as plants that prevent degradation and soil erosion.

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