Binh Duong province satellite urban area development direction

Binh Duong is developing satellite towns, in which in the North, Bau Bang district is being oriented to become an industrial center - a new urban area. Currently, the locality has implemented the district socio-economic development master plan to 2025; approve tasks and detailed planning projects 1/500 of urban residential areas. Traffic infrastructure has been invested by the district and completed many key projects.



Advantages of industrial development


Currently, Bau Bang has the advantage of industrial development with many new industrial parks. In which, the first and most important project is Bau Bang Industrial Park with a total area of more than 2,100 hectares (expanded by nearly 1,000 hectares) which was formed in 2016.


Up to now, the district has attracted 1,257 projects, including 1,042 domestic investment projects, with a total registered capital of 40,450 billion VND; 215 foreign investment projects, with a total registered capital of nearly 4.7 billion USD.


According to the leader of the People's Committee of Bau Bang district, so far the district has formed many industrial zones with a total planned area of thousands of hectares. Bau Bang, Cay Truong, Lai Hung, and Tan Binh industrial parks have been completed, completed and put into operation, becoming a highlight for development. The operation of industrial zones has contributed positively to the economic development of the district with the average growth of industrial production value in the period 2016-2020 of 18 - 20%. In the first months of 2022, the value of industrial production at constant prices reached more than VND 5,000 billion, an increase of nearly 16% over the same period in 2021.


The district has just opened the My Phuoc - Bau Bang highway to help form an axis parallel to National Highway 13. Next is the development of belt 5 from Tan Uyen town through Bac Tan Uyen district to Phu Giao - Bau Bang and a new route. Bau Bang - Phu Giao - Bac Tan Uyen.


These roads will help connect Bau Bang to deep-water ports in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Long Thanh airport as well as neighboring big cities. From Bau Bang Industrial Park, residents can easily access the Central Highlands and Central provinces as well as Ho Chi Minh City.


Bàu Bàng được định hướng thành trung tâm công nghiệp - đô thị mới. Ảnh: Ngọc Sáng.

Bau Bang is oriented to become a new urban-industrial center. Photo: Ngoc Sang.

Social utilities are invested


Along with the development orientation to become a satellite urban center of Bac Binh Duong, Bau Bang focuses on investing in social infrastructure to meet the rapid development of industry - urban such as hospitals, cultural centers. , schools, social housing. The locality also mobilizes the maximum resources of the society to invest in business activities of all types of services


Currently, Bau Bang district has newly built and put into use 7 schools and one is under construction. Bau Bang primary school and high school were built right in the administrative center of the district and the center of the industrial park - Bau Bang urban area.


In 2020, Bau Bang district held the inauguration of Bau Bang district health center, with a scale of 100 beds. This work was built with a total investment of about 241 billion VND, contributing to perfecting the facilities, improving the capacity and quality of medical examination and treatment and health care.


Recently, this locality has just started the district administrative center project with a total area of 40,000m2, construction investment cost of over 305 billion VND. The project is invested by the People's Committee of Bau Bang district.


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